How smartphones will revive retail

The integration of digital payment in mobile apps has majorly fueled the growth of digital transactions. Smartphones have changed the way people network, bank, shop and make any payments.
It’s expected that the mobile payment market will grow at an annual rate of 33%, and by 2026, it will hit the $457 billion mark, as per a report by Global Mobile Payment Market.
Clearly, digitalization has propagated the banking industry, primarily through mobile payment functionality.

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Is the Internet of Things the future of commerce and payments?

Is the Internet of Things the future of commerce and payments?

Imagine a fridge that orders food based on your family’s consumption speed, which knows that you are running out of milk or eggs. A thermostat that not only minimizes monthly heating bill but even pays that bill. A car that pays for gas or electricity at the station as you chill inside, singing along to your favorite Ed Sheeran song. Or even more trivial situations like airline baggage tags that initiate payments for luggage,

Present and future of POS-terminals in merchants’ smartphones

As the contactless technologies slowly but surely take over the conventional methods in many spheres, the need of infrastructure modernization becomes evident POS terminals serve merchants for almost four decades, manufacturers have upgraded the technological base and design quite a bit, however, the core principle is the same.