Visa payments for BirBank App

Pri-Num and Kapital Bank launched Visa contactless mobile payments.

Our Customer

A respected member of Azerbaijan’s banking industry, Kapital Bank is based in Baku with 2,814 employees and sales in excess of $195 million. It has five companies under its corporate family.

The vision

Kapital Bank wanted to be the first bank in the country to launch tokenized digital payments. This would enable it to meet customers’ demands for a secure and speedy mobile payments solution. The idea was to provide customers with synergy. They already rely on their mobile devices for much of what they need to do throughout the day. If they’re able to make payments through it as well, it will only make their lives easier.

What we proposed

Pri-Num proposed the integration of the issuer wallet functionality into the BirBank mobile app.This functionality utilizes HCE technologies that enable issuers to digitize their cards. Kapital Bank can thus provide digital payment services to its customers through the app, eliminating the need for customers to use plastics.

How it worked

The contactless payments functionality of the BirBank app is powered the Digital Enablement Platform. It’s an end-to-end multi-credential cloud-based software solution that powers secure mobile payments. The platform also integrates with loyalty and marketing platforms, allowing customers to store their tickets and loyalty cards in the digital wallet. This solution is token-ready and in compliance with Visa and Mastercard regulations for cloud-based payments. Kapital Bank can thus empower customers to digitize cards on their smartphones through the BirBank app and make NFC payments securely. BirBank is available on any Android device running version 6.0 or higher. The app can be used by customers to make contactless payments at any POS terminal where Visa PayWave is accepted.

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Card networks’ support

Customers can easily obtain the digital card without having to visit their bank branch. The digital card also has three levels of security which keeps customers protected against the possibility of fraudulent payments. There’s added flexibility with digital cards as customers can add an unlimited number of cards to the app.

The results

Kapital Bank customers are finally able to make secure contactless payments through the BirBank app. It provides them with additional flexibility and functionality through support for loyalty and marketing programs.

Working with Pri-Num

Pri-Num worked with Visa and Kapital Bank to provide assistance at every stage of the project in addition to providing the platform modules required to bring this functionality to the BirBank app. This also marked the first successful project implementation for Pri-Num in Azerbaijan.