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Mobile POS by Pri-Num: an Innovative Solution!
April 13, 2020

Pri-Num offers a solution that allows a smartphone with NFC on OS Android to accept payments made with contactless cards and digital wallets.

Without any doubt, contactless technologies are taking over the conventional methods in many spheres. There is a need for developing and providing the fastest and most convenient experience of contactless payments.

Thus, Pri-Num announces the launch of a brand-new innovative Mobile POS solution for business that turns a smartphone into a POS terminal.

In a nutshell, the solution is based on app that can be downloaded on the smartphone/tablet, making them able to accept the contactless payments without using any external hardware, e.g. cash register or terminal.

Mobile POS solves the urgent task in the field of accepting payment cards, and it is used to build the infrastructure for accepting contactless cards and digital wallets with NFC support for small and medium-sized businesses. Using Mobile POS greatly simplifies the process of merchant registration and allows them to start payment-accepting as soon as possible.
All that a merchant needs is a smartphone/tablet with NFC-module and mobile application that can be installed for from Google PlayMarket.

Payments via Mobile POS are very simple. To pay for the purchase, the merchant needs to run the app, enter the required transaction amount or select the product and then offer the customer to hold a contactless card or device to initiate the transaction on a smartphone with NFC or any other device that supports payment tools. After the successful operation, an e-receipt can be sent to the client via e-mail, SMS or QR-code.

The innovative solution by Pri-Num offers advantages not only for businesses but also for their customers. Now they can make contactless payments using a card or smartphone. The technology accepts all types of EMV-based contactless cards, digital wallets and wearables.
Mobile POS meets the highest security standards; no clear data is stored or transmitted during the transaction process.”

States the Pri-Num team.

Together, these features create an innovative image of the business.
They increase the penetration of contactless technologies into low ticket size merchants, reducing the costs of POS equipment and POS operations (incl. maintenance, field teams etc.).
Finally, it creates a good user case for the implementation and development of contactless payments technology.