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Pri-Num and Bai Tushum launch Garmin Pay for Visa cardholders
August 16, 2022

Pri-Num, a global fintech firm that creates software solutions for banks, retail, and transportation companies, announced today that it’s launched Garmin Pay for the Kyrgyzstani bank Bai Tushum.

Pri-Num partnered with Visa and Bai Tushum to deploy the contactless payment service for bank patrons, offering them a secure, convenient option for payments via their Garmin smartwatch and fitness devices.

Garmin Pay works with many credit and debit cards from major banks around the world. Bai Tushum patrons can now simply add their supported cards into the Garmin Pay wallet and use their smartwatch to enjoy all the rewards and benefits of their physical cards — without needing to carry them.

In collaboration with Visa and Bai Tushum, the deployment was made possible thanks to the Pri-Num ITS platform.

Pri-Num ITS enables businesses to easily tokenize and provision cards into third-party wallets, as well as unify token lifecycle management to simplify their operations. The ITS solution supports Visa Outbound APIs that include Approval Provisioning, Device Token Binding APIs, and Visa Inbound APIs.

“Garmin Pay opens up new opportunities not only for Bai Tushum cardholders but also for the increasing penetration of contactless payments. The Pri-Num team is passionate about innovative projects and takes pride in every successful launch.”

said Anastasia Zimina, Chief Growth Officer at Pri-Num

The deployment is a continuation of collaborative success between Pri-Num and Bai Tushum. In early 2022, Pri-Num and Bai Tushum worked together to enable the bank’s patrons to make contactless payments through their phones via the bank’s BTB PAY application. The application is the first contactless NFC-based payment application in Kyrgyzstan.


Maria Movchan

About Pri-Num

Founded in 2013, Pri-Num is a global financial technology company that creates mobile-centric software solutions for banks, retailers, mobile operators, transportation networks, sports, and entertainment. Pri-Num, which stands for prime numbers, is a leading financial and mobile technology provider, offering customers secure contactless mobile services such as payments, loyalty schemes, transportation, identification credentials, tickets, authorization and access control, and many more. Our partners include top financial institutions, including VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay International, and many others around the world.

About Bai Tushum

Bai-Tushum has been operating in the financial market since 2000, having commenced its activities in 1997 as an international project under the Food for Progress monetization program. The institution has become one of the largest financial institutions in the Kyrgyz Republic with total assets of KGS 8.9 billion and a client base of more than 173,000 clients.