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Pri-Num implements contactless payments for Bai Tushum Bank
April 4, 2022

LONDON, UK, April 1, 2022 Pri-Num announced today that it has enabled contactless payments for the Kyrgyzstani bank Bai Tushum.
Through its partnership with Pri-Num, Bai Tushum patrons can now make quick and safe contactless payments through their phone via the bank’s BTB PAY application. The application is the first contactless NFC-based payment application in Kyrgyzstan. 

“We believe that banks need to organize the most personalized interaction with customers and provide an additional secure range of services. “We see this model as the future of banking and we are proud to play a key role in bringing it to the masses by supporting our partners in their quest to provide a seamless experience and unlock more opportunities for customers.”

Said Anastasia Zimina, Chief Growth Officer at Pri-Num

BTB PAY is Bai Tushum’s application that digitally integrates its banking services into everyday consumer interactions via their smartphones. Bai-Tushum provides a full range of financial services across Kyrgyzstan and promotes access to financial services throughout the Kyrgyz Republic.

BTB PAY’s new contactless payment options were achieved with Pri-Num’s NFC issuer wallet solution on the Digital Enablement Platform™. That means Bai Tushum customers can now digitize cards on their mobile phones through the BTB PAY app and make secure contactless payments.

Pri-Num’s Digital Enablement Platform enables debit, credit, and prepaid card issuers to build a digital payment service based on tokenization and Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology. The solution opens more opportunities for the user and provides flexibility in terms of additional services and interactions. The platform also helps clients provide customers other value-added services, including loyalty programs, ticketing, identification cards, and more.

In partnership with Bai Tushum and Visa, Pri-Num helped provide platform modules and advisory assistance to colleagues at every stage of the project. Pri-Num also designed the application according to the bank’s branding, offering customers a sleek and familiar banking experience.

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